July 28-29, 2020: Mount Daniel

At 6pm, we discussed turning around due to the bad bugs. But knowing we wouldn’t get back to the car until 8pm, we continued. Looking at our original route through a thick wooded gully (mosquito land) to the Lynch glacier, we decided to take a more direct route and find a campsite away from standing water.

Looking at our campsite from the ridge the next morning

We woke up for sunrise at 4:50, ate our dehydrated rice and tofu breakfast, and repacked.

5am alpenglow

At that moment, I “learned” we were doing a carry-over. Meaning, we had to carry our heavy packs over the mountain rather than leave our overnight gear at camp.

If I had known, I would have packed WAY less amenities. By amenities, I mean extra coffee, pop tarts, a jumbo bag of Scandinavian Swimmers, rose-infused face spray and other unnecessary toiletries, silk pajamas, down booties, extra sunglasses, and extra socks.

After the ridge, goats greeted us.

Looking at the middle and west summits
Video of our adventure. Hope you like the music 😂

Although we loved the climb, we are destroyed. Time for an easy week with Burt!

Mount Daniel Totals

Total Moving Time: 11:15

Total Distance: 17.5 miles

Total Gain: 5,531 feet

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