Russel Glacier, Sunrise, Tamanos, Mount Aix, Angie’s Solo NE Wonderland Run

August 3: Echo and Observation Rock

Admiring the Flett Glacier from Echo Rock. Can’t wait to ski it in the spring!

Total Moving Time: 4:37

Total Distance: 10 miles

Total Gain: 3,780 feet

August 5: Sunrise Craziness: Burroughs/Skyscraper Traverse, Mount Fremont Lookout

Wildflowers in Berkley Park
Our route!

Total Moving Time: 4:13

Total Distance: 14.6 miles

Total Gain: 3,894


Total Moving Time: 3:25

Total Distance: 10 miles

Total Gain: 3,146 feet

August 9: Mount Aix

Last 1000 feet
Selfie, of course

Total Moving Time: 4:15

Total Distance: 11.8 miles

Total Gain: 4,383 feet

August 10: Angie’s Solo Wonderland Trail East Run

After camping outside the park near Ohanepecosh, Andrew dropped me off at the Box Canyon TH at 6:30am. I started my run, and Andrew made his way to Enumclaw for his 7:30am meeting.

I was making great time, so I decided to run up to Banshee Peak. Trying to stay on schedule, I ran to the summit, took a selfie, said hello to a man sitting at the top, and started my way down. The man proceeded to lecture me on how I should spend more time at the top and “slow down and take it all in”. It never seizes to amaze me how older men tend to lecture me on the trail, ONLY when I am by myself. Why someone thinks they can tell me how to spend my leisure time is beyond me. With a quick and friendly “Nope, I’m on a schedule, TacoTime awaits!”, I ran down, hearing his voice trailing off “that’s not a good enough reason”. People, YOU DO YOU.

I descended Panhandle Gap, took a break at Summerland to fill up on water, and booked it through the forest. The connector trail to White River was closed, so I walked the road to the White River campsite. Andrew met me there with TacoTime!

Here’s a diary of all the food I ate on the trail day:

My route!

Total Moving Time: 6:57

Total Distance: 22 miles (I started my watch .5 and 300 feet too late)

Total Gain: 6,763 feet

August 11: Angie’s Solo Wonderland Trail North Run

After camping outside the White River entrance to the Park, Andrew drove me up to Sunrise. I started my run at 6:40am.

Upper Berkeley Park
We watched this guy for a while! This is my fav video I took.

Here is my food diary:

Total Moving Time: 7:20

Total Distance: 23.1 miles

Total Gain: 5,436 feet

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