August 24: Old Snowy-Ives Peak Traverse

Our day! I need to learn how to use the GoPro so Andrew makes an appearance!

After camping at Chambers Lake campground, we woke up at a reasonable 7am, and started our run from the Snowgrass Flat TH 8:40am.

Such a clear view of Mount Adams!

At the junction with the PCT (mile 5), we broke out into the beautiful meadows with views of the Goat Rocks range and Cispus Basin.

After another half hour, we were at the top of Old Snowy.

Descending Old Snowy
I am checking out the traverse with double poles!
Our route- up Old Snowy, on the ridge, in the moat, over to Ives!
Can you find me descending all that talus?

After we regained the trail, we emptied our shoes for the 4th time and took a break.

Total Moving Time: 6:30

Total Distance: 15 miles

Total Gain: 4,222 feet

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