Sept 5: Running Emerald Ridge, Rainier West Side

Running the west side of Rainier has been on my bucketlist! While Andrew adjudicated BYSO auditions at home, I decided to do an out-and-back to Emerald Ridge.

My 4:30 wake-up call got me to the park with no crowds. I started running at 7:45am from Longmire. The run was misty, foggy, and very humid. The forest was quiet except for an occasional owl hoot!

As I ascended in elevation, I got above the clouds. Clear views welcomed me at Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground- a wide open meadow with a patrol cabin.

After desending down from the meadow, I crossed the Tahoma suspension bridge. My heart rate always rises when I cross these!

Climbing to Emerald Ridge got a little rocky so I had to slow my pace and walk. No problem, I enjoyed the views and sounds of pikas and marmots all around.

I got to Emerald Ridge, took a quick snack break, and sent an InReach message to Andrew. I was making great time and was already excited for dinner!

On the way back I took one short break to refill water and snap a picture of the beautiful, misty tree land.

The mist returns

I had jelly legs for the last few miles but enjoyed the gentle grade back to the car. Although the trail was not crowded, Longmire was a zoo so I got outta there fast. Thankful for a wonderful, quiet weekend day out on the trail!

Total Moving Time: 6:02

Total Distance: 20.3 miles

Total Gain: 5,974 feet

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